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Junware Porcelain Tea Set

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  • Mohit Gandhi
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Our unique Junware Porcelain Tea Set with a brewing pot and two cups in a padded carrying case, its many colors and design originate 1000+ years ago in East Asia.  Our Artisans have specially designed a set replicates the history and functionality while adding durability to a process now older than a millennia. 

  • Classic, Timeless Design
  • Easy to Clean
  • Durable and Crack resistant
  • Great for personal use or gifting


  • Sizing: 3.75"/10cm Diameter Vessel, 2.5"/6cm Diameter Tea Cup
  • Material: Porcelain
  • Volume: 7oz/200ml Vessel, 50ml 1.75oz Tea Cup
  • Whats Included: 1 Vessel, 2 Tea Cups, 1 Travel Bag


Jun kiln, Pin-Yin Jun yao, or Wade-Giles Chün yao, known for the stoneware it created during the Northern Song period (960–1126) in Junzhou (now Yuzhou), in northern Henan. One class of glazed wares produced at the kiln consisted mostly of opalescent blue pieces (ranging from grayish blue to a plum colour), many strikingly splashed or mottled in purple or crimson. These glazes generally had a fine network of cracks.

Another well-known class had a type of red, or flambé, glaze and was most often seen in flowerpots, bulb bowls, elegant shallow dishes, waterpots, and small boxes. During the Huizong reign of the Song dynasty, the Jun kiln produced its wares for royalty. When production increased during the Song and Yuan dynasties, techniques from the Jun kiln spread to the Henan, Hebei, and Shanxi provinces.


Can you put this on the stove or do you have to boil water the first
This tea set is not meant be boiled directly on the stove. If you want to use it or disinfect it, please wash it with boiling water.

How much water fits in the pot?
About 7oz/200ml.

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